MamboFootPrints Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
also known as Madala hominid footprints
(also incorrect published as Mandala hominid footprints)
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chronology of the discovery of the MamboFootprints

Before 2008 Almost all villagers around Mambo knew the footprints were there but did not take any attention.
January 2009 Close to the footprints MamboViewPoint started to build their eco lodge. Since they were looking for places of interest for their future guests, Ndege Chombo, their manager, senced the footprints had more value and the place was identified by MamboViewPoint as a potential place with a high value.
July 2009 On request of MamboViewPoint Professor in history Mr. Mgema(+March 2011) from the National Historic Documentary  and Mr. Jumanne Gekora Maburi came to investigate the MamboFootprints and the MamboCaves.
The mission of the National Historic Documentary was to find historicalplaces and to open them for tourism.
Mgema and Mabur stated that the footprints wer more than 1.5 million year old.
Read the article from Mgema
December 2009 The conservator from Odervay visited the site and stated the findings were were no fooprints but carvings
2009-2011 The site was closed for scientific investigation.
Unfortunately no scientists were seen.
December 2011 An archaeologist (unfortunately we forgot his name) found sediment from volcanic original which should be originated from big volcanoes like the Kilimanjaro. This was supporting the idea from professor Mgema.
January 2012 Aarchaeologist Barber Brent went to the footprints and stated they were from natural origin and not real footprints.
Read the article from Brent
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