MamboFootPrints Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
also known as Madala hominid footprints
(also incorrect published as Mandala hominid footprints)
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of the 

The habitation of the Usmabara mountains goes back to millions of years. Traces were found near the village Mambo and still can be seen, the most important ones are the MamboFootPrints. 
MamboViewPoint  Our unscientific thesis

We found many identical footprints even on several places which look like footprints from old creatures (with a big too) and animals.
Volcanic traces are found and the process between ash an
d solid rock which could preserve old footprints takes millions of years.
The Usambara mountains are for sure ancient with rocks from millions of years old.
this is convincing us that something is out there, not from a natural source but traces of a habitation from long ago. 
But, what are they?

Footprints from the homo erectus living in the Usmabara's more than 1.5 million years ago?

Read the story from professor in history Mr. Mgema(+March 2011) from the National Historic Documentary  and Mr. Jumanne Gekora Maburi, archaeologist at the ministry of natural resources

Manmade carvings from some funny guys?
According to undocumented opinion of the conservator of Olduvai

Natural wear aways cause
d by water?
Read the story from archaeologist  Barber Bent

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